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About Us

Yogam Yoga is a traditional community-based school focusing on the ancient Indian scientific process of yoga. This is an all-encompassing practice of purification, health and fitness related postures, breathing exercises and meditation, leading to the calming of the mind and ultimately self-realisation. Classes are by donation making these yoga affordable and accessible for all. 

Please read our Disclaimer regarding our classes by clicking here:


Seva Projects

Yoga Yoga is affiliated to the Tara Foundation of Malaysia which uses the ancient Gurukul system of India to educate the most marginalised in our communities of South Africa. This follows our lineage of Swami Sivananda of Rishikesh, who advocated that seva (selfless service) is one of the most important parts of the journey of yoga. Yogam Yoga works with some of the most impoverished communities of South Africa. Much work is done to empower the local community but particularly the youth. 

The Yogam Yoga community helps with weekly donations such as  food, clothes and books. Many of our members also offer their help and expertise in teaching children at our free after school tuition centres.. FIf you can help in any way, please let us know. 

Definition of Yogam and Yoga

We have chosen the Sanskrit word ‘Yogam’ to describe our Yoga because it is loaded with meaning. Amongst other definitions, Yogam can mean the following and demonstrates the ethos of Yogam Yoga:

Bg 2.53,  Bg 7.1

Is our ultimate aim to discover our true self (atman), which is not the mind or the body, and thereby real yoga or union takes place between us and our own understanding of infinite consciousness. 

SB 3.33.35,  SB 4.1.49-52,  Bg 6.11-12

The word 'Yoga' come from the Sanskrit root 'Yuj', meaning 'to join' or 'to yoke' or 'to unite'. As per yogic scriptures the practice of Yoga leads to the union of individual consciousness with that of the universal Consciousness, indicating a perfect harmony between the mind and body, man and nature.

Science of one’s relationship to the Supreme
Bg 4.1

Yoga has no religious affiliation. In fact, in the Sutras of Patanjali (seen as the definitive text of yoga written over 2500 years ago, there is one reference to God. Patanjali states that ‘Ishvara pranidhana’ is the last of the Niyamas or the duties directed towards ourselves - inner observances. Ishvara refers to all-pervading consciousness; pranidhana means to surrender. Together, these words may be translated as ‘trustful surrender to God’. This niyama is not a process of defeat or of mindlessly submitting to another’s will. It is the act of giving ourselves to a higher purpose. 

The eightfold yoga system
Bg 6.3

Ashtanga yoga or raja yoga is the 8-step yoga system is Patanjali's classification of yoga, as set out in his Yoga Sutras. He defined the eight limbs as:

Yama – abstinences (non-violence, truthfulness, non-stealing, sexual restraint & non-possessiveness)

Niyama – observances (purity, contentment, perseverance, study of oneself, contemplation of Ishvara)
Asana - postures 
Pranayama – breath control
Pratyahara - withdrawal or the energy of the senses
Dharana - one-pointed concentration 
Dhyana - meditation 
Samadhi - absorption or bliss

The eight limbs form a sequence from the outer to the inner. Postures, important in modern yoga, form only one limb of Patanjali's scheme only; he states only that they must be steady and comfortable.

Devotional Service (Karma Yoga)
Bg 5.5, Bg 5.1,  Bg 12.11

It is the practice of selfless action performed for the benefit of others. Karma yoga is a path to reach moksha (spiritual liberation) through work. It is rightful action without being attached to fruits or being manipulated by what the results might be, a dedication to one's duty, and trying one's best while being neutral to rewards or outcomes such as success or failure. 

We firmly believe seva or service through our compassion for others and a genuine desire to uplift those around you. 

Please read this important information prior to starting classes with us:

Yogam Yoga is a charity and a community group by donation of yoga teachers which includes trainee teachers founded with the aim to spread the traditional yoga practices to as many people as possible.  We follow the teachings of Raja Yoga and Hatha Yoga Yoga which is the path to self-realisation. Yoga is a wonderful practice which includes amongst other activities: physical exercise, extended breathing, and meditation. The practice of yoga develops an awareness for our own body and its abilities and one of the important principles is ahimsa (non-violence). Our motto at Yoga Yoga is ‘No Pain, ALL the gain’. Yoga is not competitive, and you must learn to be comfortable within your own body with all its limitations. It is essential that you let the teacher know of any health issues or you are pregnant before the class.

Classes are by donation to cover the costs. If you can afford, we suggest around R60 per class but if you find this difficult please do not allow this to be a hinderance to you attending. Anyone is welcome to join our classes and you can give what you can.

We suggest modest comfortable clothes in which you can move. T-shirts are available to purchase for this purpose. No socks to avoid slipping on your mat. Being barefoot allows you to be fully grounded with the earth.

Please bing your own mat. This is healthier as you will be using your own mat and you can keep it clean yourself. Try to avoid walking on other people's mats for the reason of cleanliness.

By joining in a Yogam Yoga classes either in studio or online, you agree to the following terms:
We provide a nurturing and safe practice with general guidelines for our carefully planned practice, but no responsibility will be taken for any injuries you may incur during this practice.
Consult your doctor if you have any pre-existing medical conditions and check with the teacher if this practice is suitable for you.

It is essential that you retain full responsibility for your own physical and general well-being in applying instructions of the teacher to your own circumstances. The golden rule is 'if it doesn't feel right then don't do it'. It is imperative that you stop when you need to or modify your posture according to the guidelines issued and ask for assistance if needed.

Yogam Yoga will not accept liability for any injury or otherwise from your participation in this programme. As is the case with any physical activity, the risk of injury is always present and cannot be eliminated. If you experience any pain or discomfort you agree to adjust the posture or stop all together. You affirm that you alone are responsible to decide whether to practice yoga in our classes.

If you take care of yourself, you will reap the benefits. Practice deepening your awareness and understanding of your body and yourself. Most of all enjoy the practice with us.

"To achieve that state of lasting happiness and absolute peace, we must first know how to calm the mind, to concentrate and go beyond the mind. By turning the mind's concentration inward, upon the self, we can deepen that experience of perfect concentration. This is the state of Meditation."

-Swami Sivananda of Rishikesh