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Seva (selfless service) - Yogam Yoga's community projects

Seva is a Sanskrit term that translates to "selfless service" or "volunteer work" in English. It is a concept deeply rooted in yoga. Seva involves performing acts of kindness, compassion, and service without expecting anything in return. It is seen as a way to express devotion, cultivate humility, and contribute to the well-being of others and the community. Seva can take various forms, such as feeding the hungry, teaching disadvantaged children,  caring for the sick, helping the elderly, or participating in community service projects. The practice of Seva is considered a way to purify the heart, develop selflessness, and foster a sense of interconnectedness with all beings.

Yogam Yoga is dedicated to serving disadvantaged communities through their Seva projects. These initiatives encompass a wide range of activities aimed at uplifting those in need.  Through these Seva projects, Yogam Yoga demonstrates a deep commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of disadvantaged individuals in Durban. Our efforts not only provide immediate relief but also foster a sense of community support and empowerment among those they serve. 

After school tuition projects for disadvantaged children in Durban

Welcome to our after school tuition project for disadvantaged children in Durban! We are proud to collaborate with the Tara Foundation of Malaysia in this seva (selfless service) initiative. Our main goal is to break the cycle of poverty by providing after school tuition to children from Grade R to Matric, empowering them to become successful graduates.

See more about the Tara Foundation by clicking this button: 

Tara Foundation

The Tara Foundation has always been dedicated to providing education to younger children. In 2019, they established their first "Gurukulam" or "Education Centre" in one of Malaysia’s poorest areas. Since then, these Education Centres, also known as Gurukulams, have grown exponentially. The have now over 30 centres in Malaysia and South Africa. The Tara Foundation has been exemplary in their compassion and assistance to the children of South Africa. 

We are using Tara Foundation's approach in South Africa which guided by their three-point principle. Firstly, to focus on early education, recognising the importance of providing quality and critical early intervention for children. Secondly, to prioritise serving the disadvantaged children, reaching out to those who need this education rather than waiting for them to come to us. Lastly, to not only organise tutoring classes but also provide safe spaces for enrichment activities. Also we widen children's perspectives by taking them on field trips and offering a support system to help them achieve success.

Our mission is the same at the Tara Foundation for 2030 to achieve zero school dropouts for the children in our Durban free after school centres. We firmly believe that children are the leaders of tomorrow, and providing them with quality education and support is crucial. By embarking on this 10-year journey, we are committed to ensuring that by the year 2030 none of our children will drop out of high school.

We invite you to join us in this incredible work by volunteering your time and skills. We are always in need of dedicated individuals who can contribute to our after school tuition programmes. Whether you have a passion for teaching, mentoring, or organising enrichment activities, your involvement can make a significant impact on the lives of these children.

Additionally, we greatly appreciate any donations you can make to support our after school project. Your contributions will go towards providing educational resources, food, field trips, and creating a nurturing environment for these children to thrive.

Together, let's transform lives and start young. Join us in this journey towards a brighter future for the children in our community. Click on the link below to learn more about how you can get involved and make a difference.

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 If you would like after school tuition in your area for disadvantaged children, please contact us to assist in setting up a programme for your centre or school. This is only for children from disadvantaged backgrounds.


St Martin's Children's Home, Glenwood, Durban

St Martin's has been a home to children for over 100 years and they take care of all the needs that the 80 children that are in their care have.

They focus on taking in broken, neglected and abused children and help to correct all the wrongs done to them, and develop them into skilled adults who are able to start their lives with a good solid foundation.

Many of these children have severe education problems owing to lack of schooling and neglect. The after school tuition programme will help to bring them up to successful levels at school.

Oceanview Primary, Havenside, Chatsworth

Oceanview Primary School is situated in Havenside, Chatsworth. The School itself have dedicated teachers who really do guide, mentor, and nurture the children. The school is within the Umlazi Education District. Many of the children come from disadvantaged backgrounds.  

Oceanview Primary School is committed to fostering an ethos conducive to learning, growth, and advancement for all our students and particularly welcomes the Tara Foundation's initiative to develop those children who are constrained educationally by their difficult socio-economic environment in which they live. 

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